Sunday, November 15, 2009

The History Behind the Name

Now I don't claim to be an expert on health, but I have learned a thing or two along the way about my body and what it means to be healthy. In 2003 I came down with bronchitis which lingered for over 2 months. I was 21 years old, working full time as a waitress, taking two internet classes, and preparing to leave home for the first time to start at a university. Very exciting! I also might add that I was a Theatre Arts major. For those of you who were ever involved in theatre or knew someone who was, you know how incredibly fun but physically taxing it can be.

It was during that time I became sick and for the next two years at the university, there was never time to rest and re cooperate. You mix exhaustion, stress, poor immunity, loss of weight, lack of sleep and a poor diet and you get what I was...I big mess. But then I graduated! What a joy to finally reach that goal and the excitement created a little energy for the next couple of months as I went straight to work to pay off my one student loan of $1000. Not a big problem there!

But as the months went by, so did my stamina. The whole time I was in school I thought to myself, "It's ok, once I'm out of school, I'll feel much better and I'll continue on with my life." Here it was six months later and I wasn't felling any better. In fact, I felt much worse. But I was making changes. I ate a healthy diet of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, etc., I finally got to rest, and I would go walking why would a "healthy," 24 year old woman, who is making all the right decisions, who never once smoked, never took drugs or drank alcohol, be in that state? And by that I mean that I continued to lose muscle weight, I had chronic fatigue, painful joints, headaches, "night terrors," acne, and falling hair, just to name a few of my symptoms.

As you may have noticed, I use the word "Recover" alot. It's in the url of my personal website, it's the name of this website, and in this blog you probably noticed that the url says "Emily's recovery." In the dictionary the word "recover" means: [to bring back to a normal position or condition]. So in other words to be "healthy" is to have a body that works normally-the way it's supposed to. To have a normal body is to be healthy. Now I've had some people tell me that they can only have a bowel movement once a week. "Well, that's just normal for me"-they say. That may be what you're use to, but that is neither normal or healthy! What does it mean to be normal? We'll talk about that. It's what this blog is all about.

Now personally, I associate "cures" with miracles. I do believe in miracles but I don't believe that man has a way of curing disease. I do believe that man is able to recover his health by using the resources that nature provides us. It is the body that fights disease, but that is not a new discovery. The Asians have always believed that if you treat the body instead of the disease, the body will fight the disease. It's your body that does the work. Nutrition gives your body the ammo to fight it.

That is what I did. I recovered my body to a normal state. Now I didn't have a particular disease, (the doctors would say "you're just sick and tired") but I had deficiencies that would have eventually led to disease. Knowing that, it truly was a blessing that I became so sick and turned myself around at such a young age, so that I can live out my life healthy! However, to recover health is not a permanent's not a cure. Just as you have to maintain your car to get optimum usage out of it, so you must also with your body. But you can always replace your only get one body. It has to be maintained and if you're not willing to do that, you'll have problems sooner or later. I once heard that "health is not a destination, it's a journey." I couldn't agree more. Be patient. Take the time necessary to recover your health and don't forget to smell the roses on your way.

Although all of us are different and have unique and individual needs, there is a common group of nutrients that we all need. Once I learned that I got serious about getting the right nutrition. At 24 I felt like a tired, spent, almost old. I'm now 27 and I feel stronger and healthier than I did in high school. I even went to Glacier National Park in the summer of 2007 and hiked over 80 miles. It was only a year before that I had trouble walking up the year later I was climbing mountains. If you are familiar with a mountainous landscape, you would know how much stamina you need for it. 

It is my intention to help everyone who reads this blog find healthier and simpler solutions to recovering their health to be truly healthy. However I can only give you the information-getting healthy is really up to you. You have the power! Take control of your life and your health and welcome to the starts today!

I look forward to talking to you!
True health and happiness to you,

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