Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Facebook Likes: How to Get More Facebook Likes Quickly
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Facebook how do you get them to build up your following quickly? Basically, you want to get more facebook likes by getting more people to "like" your page. Here are a few tips in getting your page in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

1. On your page, click on the "suggest this page to your friends" and invite all your friends to like your page. But you can only do that so often until you start to become a pest.

2. Put your fanpage as your "work" on your personal profile on facebook. Go to "edit profile" and in the work slot type your fanpage exactly as its spelled, hit the tab button and your fanpage will come on as your work. This is a GREAT way of getting fanbook likes quickly!

3. Have link to your fanpage at the end of every single email autoresponder you send out. It reinforces that you are a REAL person and people can connect with you.

4. Use SocialOomph to bring your twitter following to your fanpage for more facebook likes. SocialOomph is a twitter tool that allows you to schedule tweets and send automatic messages including a welcome message to new followers. I always put a link to my fanpage so we can move the conversation to facebook and connect better that way.

5. Put a link to your fanpage in the description of all your youtube videos. The very first thing should be a clickable link to your lead capture page, but right after, have a link to your fanpage. This is a great way of getting facebook likes quickly, especially if you have a following on youtube. People will want to connect with you after seeing and hearing you.

6. Put a facebook like box widget on your blog. That way people can like your page directly from your blog (this has gotten me facebook likes quickly) and also on your "connect with me" social icons, have it linked to your fanpage as well. I'm not saying you can't allow your followers to be your friends on your personal profile, but your profile is limited to only 5000 people so encourage them to like your fanpage.

These tips will get your facebook likes quickly but the real magic in keeping these fans, is to not treat them like fans but friends! These are people that you are building a possible business relationship with. Be just as interactive on your fanpage as you are on your profile. Ask questions, leave tips, affirmations, insights, pictures, videos, anything you can think of. I basically copy and paste what I post on my profile to my fanpage.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Your Personal Brand: How to Establish Your Persoanl Brand
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Your Personal Brand is the heart of attraction marketing. Many people talk about establishing your personal brand, but they rarely give some good solid examples of how to do that. Here are some tips to develop your personal brand for your online home business.

1. Focus in on 3 major things about yourself that you can talk about in your blog posts and videos. For instance I love talking about nature and outdoor activities. All my other jobs didn't allow me to spend time outside but being an entrepreneur has. I love talking about health and wellness-I'm in a health and wellness business and have recovered from illness because of it. I love finding humor in everything and do it with my blog post ans videos. People will really come to recognize and like your personal brand for opening up, being honest and being you!

2. The best thing for your personal brand is to focus in on what you are trying to accomplish. Just what are you trying to do? Are you trying to make money with affiliate sales? Are you trying to help others with their mlm business? Are you trying to get clients for your SEO business? Nailing this down early on will give you clarity and momentum in your business, but be sure to be developing your skills to get results so that you can teach others the same.

3. Speak in your own voice! How do I sound to you when you listen to me? Do I sound like a sales person or a friend? I call a group of people yall and that's what I do in my videos. I've got my own dialect, I've got my own way of telling stories and getting points across. That's what you should do for your personal brand. I'm also not a business suit type of gal. I'm much more of a....sit in a field of flowers type of gal:-) Yes, be professional but be your unique self.

4. And there are other nitty gritty things like the font and colors you use on your blog, but those will come later and aren't that important for now. Just make sure you're doing the above for your personal brand.

5. And lastly, which ties it all together is to be consistent! If you keep changing, your blog up, if you keep changing business plan up, if you keep changing your company or worse yet, you do nothing at all, you are going anywhere. Your personal brand will be unclear if anything. Make out your business plan and stick to it to keep your personal brand and business in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

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Emily Giuffre